Special guest tonight 31st July – HG Adi Karta prabhu & friends


HG Adi Karta prabhu, a senior devotee within ISKCON & disciple of Srila prabhupada will be our special guest tonight along with HG Adi Guru prabhu, HG Jaya Gopal prabhu & family. Expect beautiful Kirtan & an enlivening class. Sravanam, Kirtanam (hearing & chanting) is just what we need for spiritual advancement and lasting happiness! Hare Krishna! See you there!

(Never been before? Click HERE for details.)

Very Special Weekend 12th-14th June

On Friday at ISKCON Hare Krishna Friday Programme we have His Holiness Janananda Goswami maharaj as our very special guest and will be accompanied by HG Krishna Krpa prabhu. Please don’t miss this, the Kirtan will be through the roof!


On Saturday we will have a Maha-Harinam around the streets of Brighton & on Sunday we all travel to London for Rathayatra festival.


Sunday morning we are all meeting at 09.00 on Brighton station to travel together and cheaper tickets when booked as a group. Jaya Jagannath!