Rathayatra Appeal 2015

Rathayatra 2015

Dear devotees and friends, we have been holding our beach Rathayatra here on Hove Lawns and Brighton since 2000.(Please click HERE for details) We don’t go over board as it is a great day out for everyone and hopefully some sun and a swim ( for some)!

We do have some costs and would like to offer this sponsorship service to you all, please give whatever you can, or why not ask someone a friend or family member to give as well?

Please click HERE to make a donation.

Thank so much for your time and hope you can join us for this great family festival.

All Glories To Srila Prabhupada.

Your servants from ISKCON Brighton.

Special guest tonight 31st July – HG Adi Karta prabhu & friends


HG Adi Karta prabhu, a senior devotee within ISKCON & disciple of Srila prabhupada will be our special guest tonight along with HG Adi Guru prabhu, HG Jaya Gopal prabhu & family. Expect beautiful Kirtan & an enlivening class. Sravanam, Kirtanam (hearing & chanting) is just what we need for spiritual advancement and lasting happiness! Hare Krishna! See you there!

(Never been before? Click HERE for details.)