Christmas Star

Krishna, the spiritual polestar.

by Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura

In this material world, which is created by mäyä, there is a principal constellation named Dhruva. All the suns along with their planets continually circle around Dhruva by its power of attraction. The main consideration is that there is an energy known as attraction in all material atoms. By the strength of this energy, atoms are attracted to each other and they thus create a globular planet. When these planets are attracted to a larger globular planet, they begin to move around it. This is the invariable law of this material world. Mäyä is the basis of the material world and only a reflection of the spiritual world.

Similarly, by their eternal constitution in the form of love, the spark-like conscious living entities in the spiritual world are attracted to one another, and they imitate one with more elevated consciousness. Those more elevated conscious persons with their subordinate conscious associates constantly move in the räsa-lilä circle of Krishna, who is the superconscious supreme Dhruva. Therefore the great räsa-lélä pastimes are eternally manifest in the realm of Vaikuntha. In the spiritual world the ever-existing attraction extends love up to mahäbhäva, and in the material world the reflection extends as an inconceivable material attraction that creates variegatedness. In order to illustrate subtle truths by gross examples, we say that in the material world the sun along with the planets are constantly moving around the Dhruva constellation by the strength of its attraction, just as all pure living entities eternally circle around Krishna by the strength of his attraction.


(excerpt from Chapter 5, Texts 19 and 20 of ‘Sri Krishna-Samhita’)


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