Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary Tractor Appeal

Hugletts Wood Farm is a Sanctuary Farm in East Sussex & offer protection to cows and other animals that were destined for slaughter.

It is run by Matt & Wenda who live and work on the farm full time.For more Info look for ‘Hugletts Wood’ on Facebook.
Wenda and Matt would like to thank everyone for supporting Hugletts Wood in the past.

“Betsy” their trusty old David Brown 995 tractor, has at the age of 35 finally given up the ghost. The cost of repair is way beyond the cost of purchasing a used tractor and it is with the thought of purchasing another second hand tractor they appeal for your help.

A tractor has been offered to them with every capability that Betsy offered, at a price of £3250. The vendor will hold it for three weeks before selling it on the open market thus giving us a chance to raise funds.

Every day Wenda and Matt have to manhandle 4 huge bales of wrapped silage to the cows, which weigh 500kgs a piece, as well as the 3 round bales of bedding straw. Trying to roll straw in wet muddy conditions is impossible! The tractor was a work horse and time saver. As a consequence another 4 hours a day is added to the work load; this time used to be spent caring for the cows and earning money for their feed.

Around this time of year, they would also be using Betsy to start preparing the fields for Spring “turn out,” Hugletts is almost at a standstill !

Despite the fact they have gone two years without the need of asking for help, with the best will in the world, Wenda and Matt’s current finances will not stretch to replacing Betsy. The spiralling cost of feed this winter, (which has seen the price quadruple), is using up everything they can earn. They have no control over rising prices. An average weekly feed bill now exceeds £1200.

If you can help with a donation, no matter how small, to help replace Betsy it will be most gratefully received. Donations can be sent to :-

Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary, Grovelye Lane, Dallington,
East Sussex, TN21 9PA

You can make donation securely from anywhere in the world through PayPal to account:

BACS : Hugletts Wood Farm a/c (Halifax Plc) SORT CODE: 11-15-17 a/c No: 00118304

Many thanks

Hare Krishna


  1. When was that appeal for the tractor? How much have they raised so far? Do they have any more time and how much do they need?

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