Big public festival in memory of a great devotee!

To remember Tribhuvannatha prabhu and celebrate his spirit of public harinam and putting on public festivals, we invite you and your friends to join us on Saturday October 8th 2011 for a fun day out.

This year is 10 years since Tribhuvannatha prabhu passed away and Giri prabhu & the festival team want to mark it with something that he would be pleased with, something that he was so committed to doing as an offering to his spiritual teacher, A.C. Bhaktivedanta swami Prabhupada.

The schedule is:

1.00pm – Harinam in Brighton city centre
4.30pm – Start setting up at the Hall for the festival
6.00pm – Nice Hare krishna festival with music, drama, dance, philosophy free vegetarian feast at The Friends Meeting House, Ship street, Brighton, BN1 1AF.
9.00pm – Head home, satisfied and happy.

Please come and join us 🙂

* Please note – 2 pm ‘feast & memories’ is for the festival organizers only

Please click HERE for map to Friends Meeting House

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  1. From one of the festival organisers: “In 2001, we held the last festival where Tribhuvannatha prabhu was present, that was in Brighton. He was not very well but he discharged himself from hospital and got on a train by himself and came to the festival. It was at a beautiful hall called ‘The Old Market’ and there was a great crowd. Tribhuvannatha gave the talk, his voice was a little high pitched and weak, he spoke in a very compassionate and humble way as a man who knew death was close. He then led part of the Kirtan before handing over to Giridhari prabhu. It was a great memory, then he drove back to London with Kula, Steve and Dr. Dina I think. He was a great leader and a great friend, we miss him but know that the easiest way to be with him and all of those great souls is through trying to please them and Krishna through service. The upcoming festival and harinams are a simple attempt to try and do that.”

    Jaya! In the mean time don’t forget our Hare Krishna Friday! programs running every week! see ‘About Us’ for details..

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