Saturday June 1st

We are pleased to announce the first ever Rathayatra festival in Haywards Heath this Saturday – June 1st.

Rathayatra is an ancient Vedic festival for Lord Krishna and is an extraordinary spiritual event that originates in Jagannatha Puri on the east coast of India and dates back over 2,000 years.
Everyone chants the Hare Krishna maha-mantra  and dances in ecstacy as Krishna in His most merciful form of Jagannatha is pulled along on a huge wooden cart. Please come and take part in this historical event!

The schedule is:
11.00 Chariot arrives New England Road, Haywards Heath (set up)
12.00 Chariot leaves New England Road – Street procession with Hare Krishna chanting and dancing – pulling the cart to the park

(at the park awaiting the arrival of the chariot)
12:00 Guitar Kirtans (devotional singing)
13.00 Chariot arrival on the field
13:20 National Anthem by HH Concert Band (HHCB)
13:25 Mayor’s welcome
13:30 Hare Krishna Kirtan (chanting)
14.10 Inner Light Band
15.10 Devotees Kirtan
15.50 HHCB
16.30 Devotees Kirtan

Prasdam (Veggie/Vegan blessed food – FREE!) served throughout the afternoon.

This festival is family friendly and totally free!

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  1. Many thanks for notification of this important festival, all being well I shall be there-Hare Krishna

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