Friday 11th December – Community Japa walk

We are planning a winter japa walk (chanting Hare Krishna mantra on beads) this Friday evening – 11th December (weather permitting) from Brighton pier to Hove lawns.

We will be in socially distanced groups of 6. Hopefully it will be inspire us all to chant some Japa together but also for some to take up the practice at home too but also to try and maintain our sense of community in these times of social isolation.

Once we reach Hove lawns we will be having a social meet, again in groups of 6.
Please bring a drink for yourself should you need it.

We will leave the pier at 7.30 on Friday. All are welcome and hope to see many of you there (wrap up warm)!

Hare Krishna


  1. Hare Krishna, That looks like a lovely thing to do. I wish I was in Brighton to join you in the japa walk along the sea front. So I will be thinking of you all tomorrow from Stroud in Gloucestershire.

    Maybe we will be able to make it down to the south coast some time next year. Stay safe, love Krishna, be kind to everyone.

    Hare Krishna Peter

    1. Hare Krishna Peter Prabhu! Obeisances! So nice to hear from you! Hoping you are keeping healthy and happy. Would be lovely if you would visit us sometime when things are better and Phoenix is back up and running. Much love. Ys Lochan

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