Brighton Rathayatra Festival 2019 September 14th

Rathayatra is a festival for Lord Krishna and His devotees.  Its an extraordinary spiritual event that originates in Jagannatha Puri on the east coast of India and dates back over 2,000 years.
Everyone chants the Hare Krishna maha-mantra with musical instruments and drums  along with dancing in ecstacy as Krishna in His most merciful form of Jagannatha is pulled along on a huge wooden cart. Click HERE for more info.

Starting point is just East of the i360 on Brighton Seafront, Finishing near the Peace Statue on Hove Promenade.

Schedule is as follows: Deities usually arrive at 11.00. Festival starts around Noon. Prasadam (Veggie/Vegan sanctified food) served approx 13.00. The procession starts around 14.00 going west along the seafront finishing at Hove lawns around 16.30 with more Prasadam!

Please come, take part and enjoy this transcendental spectacle!


(Previous years posters below)

Rathayatra 2015


  1. This was absolutely fantastic! I stumbled across the event whilst walking my dog and was quickly surrounded by the most friendly and happy people. I had never heard of it before and people were happy to talk me through it and explain the principles, the food was also delicious! I cannot wait to come along next Friday, it was a truly liberating experience.
    Hare Krishna

    1. Dearest Emma,

      thank you so much for your post. What a lovely thing to say! Please come to our program on Friday and if you like bring friends? Expect more Singing and dancing and veggie food (prasadam) and a blissful spiritual atmosphere!
      there are links to a map here on the site if you need directions? contact me if you need help with that.

      Look forward to meeting you



  2. I took my daughter to Hove and we watched as the happiness flowed past us. It was lovely to see so many happy people, we loved the drumming too. That many people smiling in one place is a rare sight. Thanks to the nice guy from London that chatted to us and kindly gave us a book to read. We missed the food but the smiling was infectious.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments and am so pleased you had such a positive experience at our festival.
      You are warmly invited to our programs on fridays nights for more chanting, dancing and spiritual happiness!
      Please contact us if you have any questions about anything you read in the book you received.
      Hope to see you soon,
      Hare Krishna,

  3. This was the first Rathayatra festival and I enjoyed it very much. The music was so excellent and everyone seemed to have a good time. Scott.

  4. The Brighton festival is a wonderful and happy experience where everybody is made welcome. I bought the CD last year and I play it in the car whenever I travel. It’s happy but calming. Thank you.

  5. I attended this event by pure chance today on Brighton beach.. It was an amazing spiritual experience. The particpated in the chanting and really enjoyed it. I hope to attend future events. Thanks a lot. Hare Rama Hare Krishna.

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