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please feel free to ask questions about our events or any of our practices within Krishna Consciousness by either posting below or contact the devotees on our aboutus/contacts page.


    1. Why do I see the hare krishna energy. Sometimes it is pink and sometimes it is blue or a spectrum of this including white and why is Holy Spirit more like rainbow? Could you please email me back? Thank you.

  1. Hare Krishna Gurmeet,

    there isn’t a temple here in Brighton but we have namhatta groups and sangha groups meeting at least weekly.

    We have a sangha at phoenix community centre, on a friday night and also festivals that we have at Phoenix Community centre. (see the Hare Krishna Fridays section)

    We also Rathayatra in September.

    thanks for getting in touch!
    Hare Krishna

  2. Hi,

    I’ve attended the kirtans at the Dallas temple for years. Do you have regular sunday programs like the other temples do? I know there isn’t an actual temple but maybe kirtans?

    1. Haribol Carrie,

      thanks for getting in touch!
      if you check the ‘about us’ section you’ll see instead of sunday progs we do it on friday here in brighton.
      you will also see contact numbers for us so please get in touch and come along on a friday.. would be great to see you 🙂

      any probs let me know.. look forward to seeing you!

      hare krishna

      bhakta len

  3. I have recently finished reading a book I was given at your Rathayatra , I am hoping you don’t mind me asking a question. Following the KC path seems, from the very little I have read, an incredibly focused path of bettering oneself, spiritually . I am curious if you believe happiness is an individuals right or is it only right to strive for your goals ( whatever they may be ) if there is no negative impact on anyone around you?
    I would be very interested in your views

  4. Hello Phlee! Hare Krishna!

    thanks for your great question and glad you got something from the book you read. You’re right that the KC path is about bettering oneself spiritually but the funny thing is, its actually a process of ‘remembering’!
    It says in the bhagavad gita and other vedic literatures that the soul (atma) is eternal and that this temporary body is not actually the real us but a material covering of something spiritual, that is in sanskrit: ‘sat, cit, ananda’ – eternal, full of knowledge and ever blissful!
    Therefore happiness is not only our right but is our natural position and that only since the soul (the real us) came into contact with material nature then this is forgotten.

    You asked if striving for goals is ok if there is no negative impact on others?
    The answer is Yes (no impact means no ‘karma’) but will this really make you happy? Even if you actually achieve your goals.. there will always be more goals.. such is the nature of the material world – endlessly frustrating and actually unsatisfying.. when you stop and think.
    in the Bhagavad Gita Krishna says to his friend Arjuna “A person who is not disturbed by the incessant flow of desires – that enter like rivers into the ocean, which is ever being filled but is always still – can alone achieve peace, and not the man who strives to satisfy such desires.” So how does one be free from desires? its a tough one alright!

    It is also written that if we cannot be free from desires then we should modify our consciousness and channel our desires, not to please ourselves but ultimately Krishna.
    We try to serve and please others, in service to Krishna and if Krishna is satisfied then we are automatically satisfied. Like watering the root of the tree, instead of trying to water each individual leaf.. if you know what i mean?
    Krishna Consciousness is about realising our true self and automatically this gives happiness.

    Anyway – topics like this are to big to cover on here.. hope i at least answered a little of your question but if you would like to discuss this further then i would like to invite you to one of our friday programs at the phoenix centre (details in the ‘about us’ section) where we chant Hare Krishna, then have a discussion on such topics, reading from bhagavad gita and then have some veggie food.
    Its an informal friendly group, a mixed bag of devotees, first timers and guests.

    Please come along and see what you think.. we would love more questions like this..

    many thanks,


    Lochan x

  5. Lochan ,
    Deepest thanks for such a lengthy reply. I have many questions and thank you for your kind invite to the Friday nights , but unfortunately at this time, it is not possible for me to attend these. I would love to know more about the KC ideas of attachment or non attachment and if this extends to people and how non attachment to ‘things/people’ is possible without giving up caring and cherishing ? Is there anything you recommend as a good informative read for more of an understanding ? (for a beginner!)
    Kind regards

  6. Hey Phlee!
    Hare Krishna!

    Caring and cherishing is the basis of our spiritual existence. Our practice is bhakti yoga.. linking with the supreme through devotion and being ‘parts and parcels’ of Krishna, this love extends between us all as living entities.

    So, simply, the more we understand and develop our relationship with the supreme, the better we understand and develop our own relationships with each other.
    This is all explained in the ‘Bhagavad Gita’, the words of Krishna himself as he explains the absolute truth to his friend Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, India, 5000 years ago.

    I recommend you read ‘The Bhagavada Gita – As it is’ by His divine grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami prabhupada, our universal teacher.
    You can email me your address ( and i can send you a copy or if you prefer, you can pop into our shop in town ‘Tulasi Gift Shop’ 21A Prince Albert Street,Brighton BN1 1HF’ where you can get a copy or try some of the other books by the same author.

    In the mean time, you can practice Bhakti Yoga anywhere, any time, by simply chanting, as often as possible :

    Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare

    and see what happens!
    this form of meditation can bring great peace and happiness.

    thanks for your correspondence, i truly hope to be able to help you in some small way. Desire for spiritual knowledge is a rare gift that we all should cherish and nurture.

    best wishes



    1. hi, my name is kerry. i go to a college called crossways and i am doing a documentary on religon and i was just wondering if i could ask you a few questions about religion at the hare krisna temple. please write back , if possibe. many thanks kerry

      1. Hare Krishna Kerry,

        thanks for your post (apologies for the late reply).
        Of course we would be happy to answer any of your questions.
        Are you local to Brighton? Its worth noting that we do not have a formal temple in Brighton but we have regular weekly gathering at a community centre. you are welcome to come along and we can answer any questions for your documentary there.
        The nearest Hare Krishna temple to us is in London – Radha-Krishna Temple, Soho St, off oxford st.
        Please email me if you need to arrange things further:



  7. Lochan,

    Thank you for your recommendation , my very attractive copy of Bhagavad Gita – As It is , has arrived, I shall endeavour to find time everyday to have a read and look forward to trying to discover some answers to my many questions.

    Best wishes

  8. Is KC on a very different path to Buddhism ?
    I thought Buddha was an incarnation of Vishnu and Vishnu an avatar of Krishna .
    In Buddhism it is advised that ” … after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.” but whilst reading the Bhagavad Gita(which I am finding very interesting and challenging) I occasionally feel the KC text frowns upon questions , yet at other points I seem to read it’s good to gain knowledge of the process through learning ?
    I am confused . Is it good to question or not ?
    Warmest wishes

  9. Haribol,

    (sorry its always me answering your posts, i think my peers are shy! lol)

    Bhakti Yoga is very different to Buddhism.
    Yes Lord Buddha is an avatar but the Lord descends in different forms with specific messages according to time place and circumstance. (see chapter 17, Bhagavad Gita for an explanation on the differences between faiths)

    Not sure where you got the impression that ‘KC texts frowns upon questions’?
    Certainly not the case.

    It is always good to question. In fact the Bhagavad Gita is Arjuna asking Krishna questions..

    I have sent you an email regarding this. did you get it?

    best wishes

    your servant


  10. Dear Brighton Devotees,

    I am so glad that I saw your Rathayatra in September and that I met the Devotees I did, which In turn led me here and then the guiding me to the Bhagavad Gita, I have finished the Gita now and am going to do my best to follow some of what I have read. I should have been more patient whilst reading , as subjects did indeed get answered more fully by the end. Reaching the real stage of happiness sounds wonderful and no one can deny the wonderful qualities of a devotee.  I look forward to next September to enjoy the sounds of Hare Krishna ‘live’ once more and meet some more devotees.  

    Warmest wishes  
    Phlee x 

    1. Hare Krishna Alexandra,

      Thanks for getting in touch!

      Unfortunately we do not have any facilities to offer cookery lessons although many members of our community are great cooks!

      In fact one local devotee is a famous cook and author and her book is available here:

      at our regular ‘Hare Krishna Friday’ meetings we always share vegetarian/vegan food (prasadam) so i suggest you come along and meet the devotees, sample the fare and share recipes!

      hope to see you there!

      much love & best wishes

      your servant

      Lochan das Thakur das

  11. Namaste Prabhuji PAMHO
    I have been researching about Jayadev Goswami and I learned that He appeared 300 years before Lord Caitanya and also made the famous Gita-Govinda … My question is who is the spiritual master of Jayadev Goswami was He in our line of Disciplic Succession the Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya Sampraday? Thanks in advance prabhujis… Hare Krishna!!!

  12. Hare Krishna Brighton Devotees,

    I am new to Krishna Consciousness. Am awaiting Bhagavad Gita-As it is as well as many other books and a set of Japa beads to come in the post. But the question I have is this:-
    I am a vegan and I know that Krishna loves milk and butter, can I offer vegan food as Prasada to Krishna?

    Thanks for any help, Hare Krishna


  13. Hare Krishna Lee!

    thanks for your message and getting in touch. So glad you are awaiting your Gita and Japa beads. Do you live in or near Brighton? If so, please join us on a Friday for our programme? (Details on our HK Fridays page)

    In answer to your Question, the answer is YES!
    You’re right, its described in Sastras (scriptures) that Krishna loves butter and milk. However, in an offering to Him, what He is really interested in is our Bhakti/devotion. Therefore please offer your food you have made to Him and then your food (bhoga) afetr being accepted will become prasdam (spiritually sanctified food).

    The things that are not recommended in an offering are foods containing onions (or others from the ‘Allium’ family – leeks, chives etc) or garlic.
    But the main point is the offering is from the heart and your devotion is what Kirshna accepts! 😉

    As you know, Krishna Devotees are always vegetarian but there some vegans also. But Vegan in the sense they avoid milk in their offerings that is from cows that are being slaughtered. There is growing facility to obtain ‘Ahimsa’ milk (milk from protected cows that are never to be killed). This is obviously the highest standard in our offerings to Sri Krishna.
    check it out:

    Hope to be able to chat about these things in person sometime?

    best wishes

    your servant


    (Lochan das Thakur das)

  14. Hare Krishna Lochan,

    Thank you for your reply and putting my mind at ease over being vegan and offering to Krishna. I have been getting very inspired by the New Gokul site and hope to be of use there someday. Not sure I could go back to milk and butter now though been away from it a long time.

    I actually live in Kent, Tunbridge Wells, but used to live in Crawley and have visited the shop in the past. But I am sure I could make it on Fridays once in a while, couldnt commit to regular times at the moment but it could become more regular in the future, I do have millions of questions.

    Really looking forward to reading the Gita and chanting on the beads, i am chanting now but its quite random and isnt counted so i have no idea how much I am chanting but I guess the important thing at the moment is that I AM chanting.

    Would be great to chat in person, am hoping to make it over to Brighton in the near future, will let you know and hopefully we could hook up.

    Hare Krishna Lochan.


  15. I have recently read some spiritual books relating with creation of the universe. according to them krishna was a just an ordinary human. the kaal(ksharpurush) entered in the body of krishna and told Geeta. according to them, the sequence is like this

    parmatma (kabir) – achint – akshar purush – shar purush (kaal) – has 3 children – brahma, vishnu, mahesh – we

    they said it is kaal eats us and gives birth in 84 thousands. your good deeds can give u place in heaven but after again u have to take birth. only paramdham of parmatma can make u free from rebirth. their claim is that the sant kabir is the real creator, parmatma.

    i am very confused. plz guide me.

  16. When Lord Sri Krishna says when other people worship other demi gods or people from different religion worship different way to gods they actually worship him then why does he still not accept the prayers of those people who although they are indirectly been worshiping him? Sri Krishna knows everything then what is wrong in worshipping in different way there is not question about him being the supreme obviously people worship GOD in a good sense and demigods are creation of the Supreme what different are they to him.

  17. Hara krsna,
    I am a devotee in Cardiff, and have a friend in Brighton, whom I would like to visit, and thought it would be good to combine the two with brighton Rathayatra day…I will be attending Cardiff and also London this year …always fantasic days…and would love to meet some Brighton devotees also, could you let me know the date please so I can make arrangments.

    Many thanks
    ~ Hara Krsna~

  18. Hare krishna …please can you tell me who is older shri radha rani or shri krishna ….what wer their age differences…???
    And when and were they frist met in gokul or vrindavan….how old were they at da time wen came to earth ….please gave details …and reference thanks.

  19. I’m not a devotee even though I have much respect for your religion.I am though a vegetarian who enjoys your food and used to go to temple feasts.I want to start cooking your food at home,and would like to do it respectfully,So,could you tell me if a non-devotee should offer the meal to Diety first,or will it be considered an insult?If I should offer it first,how long should I leave it before I can remove it and/or eat it myself?

    1. in Bhagavad Gita Krishna says:

      patraḿ puṣpaḿ phalaḿ toyaḿ
      yo me bhaktyā prayacchati
      tad ahaḿ bhakty-upahṛtam
      aśnāmi prayatātmanaḥ

      ‘If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it.’

      So Srila Prabhupada said the most simple way to offer food is to cook nice vegetarian preparations (but no onion or garlic), try not to taste the offering before its offered. Place the food on a special plate for offering (not used for eating) before a picture of Radha-Krishna & chant the Hare Krishna Mahamantra 3 times and then leave for it for Krishna to accept (approx 5 mins – depends on size of the offering). Then clap 3 times and now the food is prasadam.

      if you are in the Brighton area we would like to invite you to our Hare Krishna Fridays programme which always involves a feast! 🙂

      best wishes to you

      your servant

      Lochan das Thakur das

  20. I have never attended any events. But I have found peace and inner happiness through Lord Krishna like no other. I wanted to understand more but where can I start?
    Jai Shree Krishna

  21. I remember long ago record by prabhupada about the spiritual sky
    About no sunlight or moon light light is by the affluence of the Lord
    Also the purpose trees there that produce fruit often
    I would like the exact quotes because I am comparing th to the bible book of revelation chapters 21:23 22:2

  22. Tomorrow is the grand Rathayatra in Puri. Are you guys having any plan here in Brighton? If yes will love to join.

  23. Tomorrow is the grand Rathayatra in Puri. Are you guys having any plan here in Brighton? If yes will love to join.


    1. Hare Krishna Milan,

      we have our annual Rathaytra festival in September. Its the 13th this year.. check the Rathayatra section for updates soon!
      why not join us at our Friday meetings?



  24. I understand the festival starts with a vegetarian feast. Should we bring food with us? What time does the feast begin? Thank you.

    1. Hare Krishna John.

      There is always food at any Hare Krishna event so you don’t need to bring anything.
      The Rathayatra festival usually has food (Prasadam) being served at around 13.00 and sometimes (if enough) again at 16.00.
      See you there.

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