Tulasi Gift Shop

Devotee run shop in the centre of Brighton selling books, clothes, devotional items of all descriptions.

Please pop in for a chat with the devotees inside!

‘Tulasi Gift Shop’ 21A Prince Albert Street,Brighton BN1 1HF (click HERE for map)

Enquiries, please contact

Dina Dayadra das 07905263310 dinadayadrada@yahoo.co.uk

Jahnava Mata devi dasi 07929828765 

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  1. I am looking for a mans kurta, long sleeved, printed with Hare Krishna mantra (Sanskrit). Size 38″ chest. Can you help?

  2. Hare Krishna Cheryl,

    i am not sure if there any Kurtas at Tulasi Gifts at the moment but Dina Dayadra prabhu has been to India recently so may have some new stock.
    Please call him (phone number is on ‘about us’ page)
    best wishes

  3. The brown haired lady who runs this shop is possibly the most beautiful lady in the world.

    Much love to her


  4. Hare Krishna Prabhu ji

    Please keep on spreading Krishna Consciousness all over the world.

    Govinda Dasa

    1. hare krsna to you prabhu, thank you for your encouraging comment. hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare hare ram hare ram ram ram hare hare x

  5. Thanks to the guy who was there on Saturday for the joyous chat about divine love.
    I thought of you at the Brighton football game and how the boys felt when they scored their truly orgasmic goal.
    peace and love to you all.

    1. thank you Melissa, i very much appreciate you taking your time to leave feedback for us at tulasi. peace and love to you. from chris HARE KRSNA.

  6. I just wanted to say thank you so much to the lovely fellow who helped me find the incense that I was looking for last Saturday!!! I still can’t remember what it is called, but at least I know you stock it. Your store is so lovely and there is such a beautiful vibe – I wish you had a cafe attached!!! Peace light and love, Bee

  7. Do you have a website for this shop? I need to find large kunti mela as my neck is so fat! The Manor shop now only sells the little ones?

    1. Haribol.
      Unfortunately not. Don’t have what you require either.
      I also struggle to find a long enough neck beads so i usually string my own from 2 sets of beads.
      Best wishes
      Hare Krishna
      Your servant
      Lochan das Thakur das

  8. Thank you to the guy who sold me the Gita earlier today. Refreshing to meet someone so obviously devoted to their path!

  9. Hello I’m interested in volunteering in the gift shop and attending the Ashram in woodingdean ~ I live on the next road from it. I have been in the shop and had a pleasant chat with one of the devotees which is where I found out about the Ashram , the young man took my number so that I could possibly be invited.

    Kind Regards Karen.

    1. Hare Krishna Karen.

      Thanks for your message.
      Not sure which devotees you have been chatting to, as they would be the right people to arrange any volunteering.
      I would like to invite you to our Friday meets at the Phoenix community centre (see our ‘Hare Krishna Fridays’ section of this site). This Friday we have a lovely VIP guest speaker.

      Please come along and bring friends. Veggie food (prasadam) will be served.

      Your servant
      Lochan das Thakur das

    1. Hi Madeline, we do sell vrindavan flower incense sticks. Please pop into our Tulasi gift shop in the south laines, or our new shop we have just opened in the North Laines. ‘Lotus’ on Sydney Street. Regards, Amrta Gopala das

  10. Radhe! Radhe!
    I m looking for offering plates,Arati bell and panchpatra with spoon.
    Can you help?
    Thank you

  11. How interesting that your shop is nearby the Black Lion street. Don’t the Hare Krishnas worship a Black Lion named Narasimba?

  12. Can you help? My boyfriend bought me a gorgeous top from your Bristol shop on a recent visit. I love it but it is too small and I want to exchange it for a bigger one (he will be so disappointed if I don’t wear it and so will I). I am a very long way from both Bristol and Brighton though – can I do this by post?

  13. My boyfriend bought me a lovely top from your shop in Bristol on a recent visit but it is too small and I want to exchange it for a larger one as I really want to wear it. I am a long way from Bristol (and Brighton) though… Can I exchange it by post – and if so, how should I do that?

  14. JSK🙏🏼 Iv just come across your shop on the internet… do you have a web address please? I’m looking for some plain gopi skirts and some other stuff for my partner.
    Beena 😊

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