1. Hi,
    Just wondering.., where and when do events like these take place?
    How can I find out about the next one?
    I live in Brighton and would like to attend.
    Many thanks,

  2. Hi Steve,

    thanks for getting in touch.
    we have a seafront cart festival this saturday (18th) on Hove Lawns promenade starting at 12.00.
    This is called Rathayatra, where a huge cart holding deities is pulled along while we all chant.. its very ancient and beautiful.
    Then the following saturday we have a small festival at The Phoenix centre starting at 17.00 – if you look at previous posts on our home page there are links to a map for the centre.
    Hope you can make it. There are phone numbers on the ‘about us’ section if you need any help finding out more.
    Really hope to see you there.
    Hare Krishna

  3. I had a really great time last weekend in Brighton. It was so much fun! I really enjoyed all the singing and dancing, the food was amazing too 🙂

  4. Thanks Emily.. so glad you had a nice time! Spiritual activities don’t have to be dull and serious eh? Actually there is always a festival to look forward to..on 23rd of September is ‘Radhastami’ – the appearance day of Radharani – Krishna’s eternal consort. The ‘feminine’ aspect of Krishna (God). Jaya! Hare Krishna!

    1. I was reading Emily’s cookbook she bought , The higher taste, and I was wondering about a few things ;
      In one of the chapters it says it is not only those that eat meat that will suffer through their Karma but also those that buy and cook the meat . How do you get past this if not all the household are vegetarian ?
      I am also curious as to why mushrooms are not used in cooking ? A devotee said something to me about parasites but I wasn’t sure what he meant.
      Lastly , I see milk is seen as ‘the most wonderful of all food ‘ . I was wondering why milk is ok amongst vegetarians who use dairy, if there is still suffering to the
      cow even though there isn’t killing ?
      thanks : )

  5. I accidentally came across a beautiful Hare Krishna member talking about a young bird flying the nest for the first time. Could anyone please tell me how I can find it again?
    Thank you

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